The Fighter Pilot Blood Pressure Solution

Lower yours 15 points without drugs, exhausting exercise, or a strict diet*



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The Fighter Pilot Blood Pressure Solution

Lower yours 15 points without drugs, exhausting exercise, or a strict diet

Dear Reader,

Something strange was happening to pilots training to fly F-16 fighter jets.

The ones who went into the program with elevated blood pressure were coming out a few weeks later with normal, healthy readings.

They didn’t take any medications. Their diets hadn’t changed. They hadn’t made any changes to their exercise regimens.

At first, Air Force doctors were baffled. Something was happening up in the air, in the cockpit, that was bringing the pilots’ resting blood pressure down.

Dr. Ronald L. Wiley, a cardiopulmonary physiologist, began to connect the dots…

Months earlier, the Air Force had recruited him to study the problem of “G-force blackout,” a condition the F-16 pilots were experiencing during steep dives and extreme aerial maneuvers.

Dr. Wiley suggested a simple trick the pilots could do in the cockpit. And it worked. The problem of the blackouts was resolved.

But neither he nor anybody else on the medical team were prepared for what happened next…

When tested a few weeks later, the F-16 pilots’ resting blood pressure was significantly lower. And nothing had changed except the addition of this cockpit trick.

Dr. Wiley immediately understood the stunning implications of this discovery…

High blood pressure plagues one in three American adults. It’s often the precursor to 1.5 million yearly heart attacks and strokes. And it costs $46 billion annually to treat.

The Fighter Pilot Solution was completely natural. It used no drugs. It was highly effective. And best of all, it was easy to do.

Dr. Wiley dedicated the next 20 years of his career to refining and testing this cockpit secret so that everyday people could use it in their homes.

Eventually, a $400 device was developed from his research, and a number of controlled studies—results of which you’ll see in a moment—confirmed its effectiveness.

But you don’t need a $400 device. The pilots sure didn’t.

For just a few dollars, you can take advantage of this cockpit secret to lower your blood pressure as many as 15 points from the comfort of an armchair at home, even while watching TV. And it takes just a few minutes.

Why is this important? And why should you do it?

High blood pressure causes the arterial damage that starts the plaque-making process. And it’s one of the deadliest triggers for heart attacks and strokes.

Doctors are quick to prescribe drugs. But those come with side effects like fatigue, erection problems, kidney failure, deadly throat swelling, and arrhythmia which can kill you.

But what if you could easily lower your BP without drugs? And without even any lifestyle changes? To get these same results, you’d have to lose about 20 pounds! Instead, you could be sitting in your recliner watching Jeopardy.

Remember, this simple trick can lower your blood pressure up to 15 points. That’s what got Dr. Wiley excited. And today, you’re going to learn how to do it.

Hi, I’m Angela Salerno, executive director of The Institute for Natural Healing.

Finding natural solutions for common health problems is our mission.

Our research team seeks out pioneering doctors and scientists from all over the world—the “mavericks” who venture outside the mainstream medical system to find real solutionss.

We believe this is vitally important work. And here’s why…

The mainstream medical system is based on drugs that mostly just treat the symptoms of health problems without actually curing them.

Among the thousands of drugs only a handful are actual solutions. The rest just manage medical conditions.

Drugs for treating heartburn, cholesterol, blood pressure. Drugs for treating allergies, arthritis, irritable bowel. Drugs for treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

The list goes on and on. The problems never go away. And the side effects can create more problems and lead to more drugs.

Yet the science shows us that natural solutions are readily available for almost every health problem.

Why don’t you get these solutions? Or even hear about them?

Because mainstream medicine has no financial incentive to share solutions with the public. Their business model is selling treatment drugs. And the last thing they want is a big drop in drug sales.

What’s more, the media has no incentive to report solutions. Doing so would work against the success of their biggest advertisers, the drug companies.

Even the U.S. Government can’t help. Its policies are heavily influenced by lobbyists. And the drug industry employs three lobbyists for every single member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Our founding publisher hated these facts—hated that people were being drugged but not solutiond—so he set out to do something about it.

So he established The Institute for Natural Healing, in order to conduct independent research—completely free from influence—and then report effective natural remedies to the public.

And that’s why, today, we’re pleased to offer our special report, The Fighter Pilot Blood Pressure Solution.

If your blood pressure is currently elevated and you’re taking medications that you’d rather not take…or if it’s recently gone up and you want to nip that in the bud, this is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for.

And you can get it right now in our report for just $1.99.

You’ll see exactly how this fighter pilot cockpit secret works. So you could lower your blood pressure as many as 15 points…

And you can do it drug-free with a $10 device, from home, in just a few minutes a day.

This is especially good news if you’re currently taking one, two, even three blood pressure drugs.

Why risk it, when this simple trick—that you can do in a few minutes while watching TV—can lower your blood pressure naturally?

This is exactly what you’ll discover in The Fighter Pilot Blood Pressure Solutionyours right now for just $1.99, with no obligation to spend one penny more.

Let me show you some scientific proof our research team at The Institute for Natural Healing uncovered…

At McMaster University in Canada, researchers set up studies based on Dr. Wiley’s work and had participants do this cockpit secret three times a week for eight weeks. They found an average drop in systolic blood pressure of 15 points, and a diastolic drop of three points.

Researchers at the University of Michigan had study participants perform a similar activity daily for four weeks. They were surprised to see an average 10% drop in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure .

Another study, published in the Journal of Hypertension, pooled data from three trials and found the same results.

A 10% drop would lower a 140/87 reading to 126/78—a potentially life-saving difference.

This is the kind of valuable health news we routinely deliver to our readers.

And right now, The Fighter Pilot Blood Pressure Solution is instantly yours for just $1.99. To order, simply scroll down and click the BIG ORANGE ORDER BUTTON at the bottom or your screen.

In our report, you’ll discover even more that can help lower your blood pressure. Here’s a preview…

The first thing you’ll see is how to get an accurate blood pressure reading.

The V.A Medical Center in California estimates that 30% of people diagnosed with high blood pressure actually had normal levels. Think about how many people are on these harmful medications that never needed them in the first place!

But why? Because doctors are seeing more patients than ever before, and the staff rushes patients through. But this measurement can’t be rushed.

So we’re going to show you how to prepare ahead for the reading, what you should do at the time of the reading, and then how to get a definitive result if you don’t trust the “rushed one” from your doctor’s office.

You’ll also discover three delicious and healthy beverages proven in studies to bring blood pressure down.

The first one, a delicious fruit juice, lowered blood pressure 12 points in a month, and 22 points in a year.

The second one, also a great-tasting juice, lowered blood pressure 10 points in a few hours.

The third, a decaf herbal tea, lowered blood pressure 21 points in a month with two cups a day, and 15 points with one cup a day.

You’re sure to like one or more of these drinks. And when you add them to the fighter pilot’s blood pressure solution you’ll easily get to your goal.

How about moderate exercise?

Well, that may not actually be your best bet. Our report gives you an exercise tip that changes up the pace in a way that’s proven to lower blood pressure faster. It takes a fraction of the time. Basically, you get more bang for your exercise buck.

And diet?

No drastic changes are needed. Just choose the healthy varieties of the same foods you prefer. These foods either lower blood pressure, or at least won’t raise it. Find out what they are.

You’ll also learn about the shortcomings of the DASH diet—the one specifically designed to lower blood pressure—and how to modify it so that it works much better.

All of this is a lot easier to do than you might think, especially when you have the fighter pilot blood pressure solution on your side.

It’s a shame this natural and effective solution isn’t promoted by our medical establishment. It’s the first thing your doctor should have tried.

And that’s one more reason we go to work every day at The Institute for Natural Healing. We want to see that you have drug-free options to get well and stay well.

The Fighter Pilot Blood Pressure Solution may allow you to reduce your medications or even throw the pills away. Your doctor can’t argue with that kind of success.

Going natural is both smart and easy. If fighter pilots could do this simple trick in the cockpit when flying an F-16, you can do it on your sofa while watching TV.

Get your report for just $1.99 right now and get started today.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Executive Director
The Institute for Natural Healing